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HeatAdvisory.org is a 501(c) 3, private operating foundation located in the mountains of Colorado overlooking the Arkansas River Valley.


 Our Purpose:

(1) Restore, establish and grow - the most important aspect of our lives - RELATIONSHIPS!

  • Starting in depth on the second web page, we desire to provide a place where people can connect and develop timeless - but often overlooked - principles to developing life long intimate and deep-spirited relationships.  Superficial relationships will most likely lead to a superficial life.  Contrasted to a life lead in active pursuit of meaningful, intimate and deep spirited relationships will most likely produce a depth of life that soars above the pursuit of things.

(2) Sometimes, in order to begin down this pathway we first must recognize that certain needs in life must be addressed before relationships can even begin to experience the plesures this pathway provides. We will concentrate on two extremely important aspects in our lives that will most likely keep us from even beginning this magnificant journey.  The areas we will consider happen to be areas in our lives that we have had significant, albeit not of our "free" choosing, experiences we have had to muddle and work our way through.

            (A) Finances. 

  • Personal - help establish budgets, cash flow management and debt elimination.  Educate and encourage how to annually review and determine goals and objectives for the coming year(s).
  • Corporate - assist non-for-profit as well as for profit organizations with budget, cash flow management, and debt reduction in order to maximize the achievement of the organizations mission.
  • Funsing - when appropriate we provide initial or possibly on going funding to assist in getting through the rough road of financial stress.

            (B) Health.

                        We are here to share our experiences in years of dealing with pain management.  This assistance is provided from education and life experiences in the medical field.  In addition, first hand experience in dealing with extensive, debilitating pain and how it directly impacts the afflicted individual and others who are also impacted.  Pain can have a significant and sometimes unknown impact on relationships.

            (C) Restoration. 

                        HeatAdvisory.org provides a beautiful and safe refuge in the mountains of Colorado to help aid in the restoration of relationships.  Two pictures on this page attempt to capture the beauty and restorative powers.  We are surrounded by nearly 200 square miles of some of the most beautiful and rugged land owned by the Bureau of Land Management.  From hiking to climbing, rafting, fly fishing, skiing, spectacular fall foliage - every season of the year has its own distinguishing adventures and beauty. 

(3) Being part Sioux, fostering and promoting Native American cultural understanding.  From normal daily activities, to hunting, waring and a fighting system passed along from prior generations.  An example of our support can be seen at:

Native American Hunting Replicas

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Politians - a mirror of who we are?

How Should We the Live? Not only did I find this book (written over 30 years ago), but an opportunity to hear written Francis Schaffer's son speak to have a life long impact. At that time I was also starting a career in the investment business and labored through Sidney Homer's book on the History of Interest Rates.

Francis Shaffer's point was that based upon his study of human history, he found that no country survived once they abandoned absolute truth and embraced a relative truth.  Sort of like the quote from the Bible that goes something like - they all did what was right in their own eyes.  Mr. Shaffer's tracking of the rise and fall of nations dating back as far as historical recordings would permit him to go based upon the moral abondonment of absolute truth versus relative had a very strong correlation to the economic rise and fall of countries in The History of Interest Rates.

I would suggest that while it appears that many are "fed" up with politicians today, that in fact, politicians are nothing more than a looking glass.  What we see in politicians is an accurate reflection of who we are as a country and what we stand for as a nation.


If you think I am on the right track then you might find the comment to be rather alarming.

You should as I personally believe it is.  So what could get us out of the mess we find ourselves in???  Another stimulus program, more taxes, less taxes, another round of QE?

It's not a program we need but repentance and a return to what this country was founded on - "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Nope, not another program, rather repenting - returning - and embracing the Creator.



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Friday, August 10, 2012

What is important to you?

How we accumulate and spend our resources tells a great deal about who we are as a person and as a people.

This is a critical question which your actions answer every day.  Maybe it is time for a change?

According to the BBC -


a Chinese student sold a kidney in order to get an iPad.  He received as I recall $3,000 to the people he sold it to, they turned around and sold it for $35,000.  Now that's a nice margin, little price gauging going on maybe?

He's got two and can get along with one, and the new iPads are just so incredible.  I wonder if they will come up with an app, oh never mind.

ONE THING THIS IS NOT - THE EXPORTATION OF AMERICAN CONSUMERISM.  It is most definitely not that, although on the surface one might argue that it is. I would suggest they are wrong, dead wrong.

It is the sin of the nature of man, seperated from God.  An attempt, here at great cost, to try to fill a "hole" in one's heart with one more thing.  So I would suggest that it is a human condition, not an American condition.

Plain and simple, it is called sin and the only way to fill the hole it has left in all of us is when we come to recongize that this in fact is true and there is only one thing that can fill it.  God forgiving our sin, one person at a time.  God is patiently waiting to forgive us and wants to so much one could say He is just dying to do it for you, just for you!

Oh, happy day...

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